10/10/10 Analysis for Tough Decisions

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It’s not easy to take all decisions correct and satisfactory. Most of the time your conclusions aren’t worked as same as you expected. You take various decisions out of present emotions and intuitions which may not be the in a long run.
Then, how can a human being take essential decisions of their life casually?

Here, 10/10/10 analysis comes into the picture! Wherever, whenever you feel difficult to get onto the solution, use this analysis.

To use 10/10/10, think about your decisions on three different time frames:

  • How will you feel about the decision after 10 minutes from now?
  • How about 10 months from now?
  • How about 10 years from now?

10/10/10 analysis surely can not preassume the future but definitely help in reducing the negative effect of the decision.

10/10/10 analysis basically ensures that you won’t only consider your present and short-term emotions rather contemplate long-term scenario too.


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