5 Stress Management Tips to Practice Now

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Stress can be overwhelming, but it can also be super sneaky. More often than not we don’t pay attention to how deeply stressed we are, simply because it’s a daily occurrnce for us; we lead stressful lives. Being mindful of your stress triggers and implementing stress reducing practices can go a long way in improving your quality of life.

Introduce beauty and joy in the daily

What if you find your job repulsive and soul-crushing? By introducing little beautiful breaks you help yourself focus on meaningfully joyful life aspects. Each day do something you like or relaxes you, listen to music, drink your favorite wine, take bubble baths. Whatever it makes you flush out the stress will work.

Be mindful of the small pleasures

Slow down when performing otherwise menial activities. When you talk, eat and walk be aware of these processes and their charm. Linger on and enjoy the pleasures a warm lunch is offering, or a walk through the park does.

Focus on the present, block past and future mind-wandering

Stress is often triggered when our minds wander to either the past or the future. Be mindful of such tendencies and push yourself to focus on the present moment. This way the fears and disappointment of past actions and the anticipation or the unknown of the future are out of the picture.

If only professional spa massages was a daily option!

Develop a stress-relieving channel.

Engage with a sports or creative hobby to unleash the bottling up stress. Any activity that involves minimum to medium physical effort is cathartic. It disposes your stress and replaces it with a joyful urge to be creative and active.

Stretch the stress out

Some stretching — even while still on your desk — can substantially minimize your daily stress. Take regular breaks for hydration and 5-minute desktop stretching to improve your posture, breathing and come back tackle all tasks efficiently

How do you reduce stress at work? Share your thoughts and help each other out!


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