Own Your Next Job Interview: Three Confidence Hacks

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Job interviews are these days a rare thing, so you owe it to yourself to give 100% when you’re given such a chance. But how do you stop shaking and sweating uncontrollably once you take a sit for the interview?

How do you prevent going blank, having nothing to impress  with the most unimpressed human resources manager?

You show her who’s the boss. That you’re already in a It’s-me-you-need mindset.

Confidence can go a long way asserting your suitability for a job. No matter how many degrees, experience and skills you might have gathered over the years, without the confidence to highlight these skills, the latter are pretty worthless.

Develop an assertive, ultra-confident inner voice. You know that little devil in your head reminding you how you’re going to mess it all up? Well it’s time to put him down and let your other counsellor take the lead. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should the hiring manager do?

Impressing with your Confidence: A how-to

Pre-act the whole situation. Preparedness will get you half way there. Instead of finding yourself lost in a room full of candidates, visually go through the whole process, the going into the building, the waiting, the getting in the office, the hand-shaking. Every single step should be planned and pre-experienced to avoid any mental blackout. This familiarity will help you be more confident.

Positive zone It’s all a matter of attitude. If you surround yourself with negative thinking, your job interview will suck.

If on the other hand you adopt a winning attitude, guess what, you will win. A great trick is to bring to mind compliments on your skills and personality people have granted you over the years. A compliment on your organizational skills, or your calmness under pressure. These affirmations will remind you of your worth, helping you focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses during the interview. Your body language by reflex will reflect your confidence and your interviewer will be impressed.

Now go and own that interview!



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