Success Tips for 20 somethings

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What would you say was the most crucial advice you’ve ever gotten? You can become a fulfilled 20-something with financial stability, personal growth and professional success. Here are the main ingredients!

Financial Stability

The art of negotiation  Don’t ever hesitate to negotiate a big deal. Most things are negotiable, your next car, your next apartment your next salary.

Use cash whenever possible and don’t get into debt!

Save money – even if you have a student debt Live frugally and smartly. Pay off your student debt on time. These are good financial habits that will let you save money on the long-term.

Personal Growth

Raw=Useless. Your raw talents, no matter how breath-taking they might be, have no true value unless you cultivate and improve them. Put those talents into good use to reap the benefits over time!

Revisit your goals often to ensure you stay on track!


Make time for you  Have a digital cleanse. Spend time in improving your skills, adopting healthier habits and pursuing your passions.

Unless you make time for new skills and knowledge you won’t be advancing, just growing old.

Revise your goals often. As you grow, your goals and circumstances grow with you. Re-evaluate your priorities and set new goals if need be.

Professional Success

Do more, never less. Work hard. Harder than everybody else. Even if that means  being the first in and the last to leave. In fact, that’s what you should do.

Learn accountability. Taking responsibility for your mistakes illustrates humility, self-awareness and above all, maturity. Mistakes are success lessons. There’s no reason to despise or blame them on others.

Eyes on the prize Your twenties is a time of noisy, rebellious living. However, every choice you make and every job you focus on needs to directly tie to your ultimate career goal. If a job or boss doesn’t serve your grand career plan, know it’s time to quit!

Keep your head down. It’s when you get distracted, or you try and do things the easy way that things don’t work. Keep your head down, do the work and it’ll all pay off. Dr. David Agus



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