Why Distance Learning Can Be a Solution

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As per AISHE report 2015-16, Over the time distance learning has become more trending and convenient. Now, there is a change in a mindset towards distance learning. Distance learning offers adjustable shifts, flexible study timings, tech-based lectures.

Aishe Report

Financial Circumstances

If you do not have good financial conditions or there is a need to support your family financially, then distance learning is a good option for you.


Well, discipline is an essential requirement for distance learning as if you’re not regular with your studies, not attending online lectures, then this could be a big trouble for you.

Good for Low Pace Students

Those students which are slow at grasping concepts, distance learning is a good decision for them as it’s up to you how fast or slow you finish your studies.

Availability of College/Course

If you opt for distance learning, you may get admissions in more colleges/universities, offers you a wider choice to opt for.  

Time and Money Efficient

As compared to regular college learning, distance learning is less expensive and you can also work while studying which makes it more money efficient and provides practical exposure to the corporate world.



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