How Yoga Benefits Young Children

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When someone mentions yoga, you tend to think of good posture, sustained energy flow and mind-blowing flexibility. A few discuss the mental and academic advantages of yoga for students, graduates and professionals more generally. And even fewer discuss the benefits  of yoga for small children. There are many ways children’s performance and subsequent learning capacity improves when they participate in yoga practicing.

Physical Benefits

Children get to achieve a more conclusive body awareness and improve proportional muscular growth.

Relaxes the body, promotes quality sleeping, especially helpful for hypeactive children.

Breathing promotes physical awareness of one’s body along with an increased sense of body flow in space.

Balance and flexibility achieved. Children manage to improve their balance as yoga exercises every possible body muscle.

Improves blood circulation, necessary for nutrients absorption, assisting the body to compensate for any nutrient deficiencies.

Let the kids join!

Cognitive Benefits

Children get acquainted for the first time with the connection between body and mind. They get to experience the interrelatedness of the two and learn how to use this connection for their benefit.

Enhances concentration. Although it might be next to impossible to get children to do yoga, once they get to it, their focus falls on it, making them particularly concentrated on the task at hand. A skill they can later transfer to other school tasks.

Other Benefits

Stress-Relieving. Kids get stressed to, often manifested as hyperactivity and bad behavior. Yoga allows children to dial down their stress levels caused by homework load, responsibilities and many more.



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