Understanding the Shapes and Sizes!

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Diamonds are girl’s best friends; they are forever and the strongest representation of the lasting relationship. The first picture that comes to mind as we say diamond is a white stone in a cone shape, but there are different types of diamond shapes apart from the basic circular.

A round cut is the most popular and due to its large demand and amount of rough stone lost being high, the price range is higher than the other cut shapes and due to its unique cut, it has a greater reflection of light.

Princess this is the most popular cut in fancier version and used especially for the engagement rings. Due to less wastage, the price is comparatively little less than the round cut diamonds.
Oval cut diamonds are a modified version of brilliant cut, the advantage of the oval is due to its elongated edges it creates an illusion in size.

Marquise cut is also similar to the oval cut with elongated edges but rather than curved edges this marquise cut has Sharpe edges, creating an illusion of size.

Pear this a mixture of oval cut at one end with curved edge and marquise cut at the other end with a shard edge, these shapes are ideal for earring and necklace creating a dramatic illusion.

Cushion cut diamond is a square-shaped diamond rather than the sharp edges, the cushion cut diamond edges are curved and this cut is one among the old styles which passed along with the round cut.

Emerald cut diamonds, the name is derived as the cut is designed to cut emerald stones, emerald cut have a large open table and unique step cut at its pavilion, creating a hall of mirror effect, illusion and body color can be seen in emerald cut diamonds.

Asscher cut diamond is similar to the emerald cut diamond but with larger step facets, higher crown and a smaller table creating more brilliance than the emerald cut, a well-cut Asscher will appear to have concentric squared when looked down through the table. This cut was developed by the Asscher brothers of Holland and thus name after them.

Radiant cut diamond is a bridge between a cushion and princess cut, creating a vibrant and lively square diamond

Heart cut diamonds are cut in the shape of the universal approved shape of love and mostly used in solitaire pendants and rings. This shape is hard to make on small diamonds due to the difficulty in making the cuts and edges.

Any time choosing diamonds jewelry is a hard task, no matter how much you study these are only identified by the professionals and a common folks can be easily misguides, look for the certification if you are buying form any of the retailers directly and currently online being in fool swing gold jewelry including earrings, bracelets, bangles online are available easily and even the diamond jewelry, many of these online vendors allow is to try the diamond jewelry at you home before purchasing them, like if you have a certain design of diamond bangles you like, you can book for few options among their collection and arrange for a trial at home and then decide on purchase even when purchasing these make sure the vendor provides necessary legally approved certification.


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