Why online shopping is better for you and your pocket

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Online shopping has  undoubtedly many benefits over conventional shopping.  Many are the people who argue that mall shopping is a way of relaxation, for others yet it constitutes an activity for channeling bottled-up stress and anxiety, and others see it as a socialization platform.

If all the aforementioned advantages are characteristic of conventional shopping, why is then online shopping so popular? How people engaging in online shopping, benefit from it?


Online shopping saves you scarce, precious time. Modern, urban individuals are way to busy to leisurely browse through stores, let alone spend whole hours in malls and great department stores. These days, all respectable shops have a corresponding online store. An extra advantage of online shopping is that it offers its clients access to pre-sales and loyalty deals to its dedicated customers.

Additionally, online shopping unlike conventional shopping,  has no closing hours, you can shop at 2am as you would at 11pm. Who else would patiently wait for you to have the time to shop?

Variety and Choice

Through your computer you can -given you have ample time- virtually access thousands of online stores, in order to find exactly what you need. Something otherwise impossible through conventional shopping.  Through online shopping  your options increase exponentially; you can shop from Japan as easily as you could from your local bookstore.

Peace of mind

Mall Vs the Internet

Conventional shopping never looked less appealing

Do you have one of those friends that they get nauseated by the mere thought of going shopping? It’s not that they hate shopping per se, they abhor everything that comes with it, the noisy, grumpy kids and their yelling mums, the frivolous talking and gossip, the pushy salespersons, should I say more?


Through price comparisons and practically unlimited choices, it is almost impossible to spend more than if you were shopping the traditional way. When shopping online prices are better since costs are slashed(your products ship directly from the seller’s storerooms). In addition, to attract customers, online stores offer deals and reduced prices for online shoppers.



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