Tips for better Lifestyle in Foreign Countries

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If you are planning a trip abroad or getting shifted in a foreign country so these tips can help in giving a better livelihood experience.


Norway citizens are possessive about their culture so be careful that do not ask any questions about the churches, this could be considered as disrespect. On the other hand, they’re very cool kinda people who barely get into the formalities. You can call them with their first names, no Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc is required.



Malaysians consider their heads as their home of souls and the holiest part of the body. Thus, never touch their heads.



In Russia do not give the even number of flowers, if you wanna say thank you or please someone because, in Russian culture, even number of flowers are given only at the time of grieve or funeral.


Do not give an “OKAY” sign to anybody as it is considered as a filthy or indecent gesture for the Turks. Also, do not drink too much in public as it is contemplated as not use okay sign in turkey


While paying for something or giving money to someone, give with both of your hands as it symbolizes respect.

giving money with both hands in korean style


Chile people are very well mannered and expect the same from their visitors too. Do not eat with hands, use your forks properly behave very well and even do not lick your hands too. If Chile is the next place you are planning to visit then etiquettes are the thing you have to work upon.

United Kingdoms

There are a few things you must always keep in mind while in the UK. Don’t talk about their earnings and money, don’t invite random people at your place, don’t jump the queues as their queues are well organized. Weather, Cricket, and her majesty are the good topics to discuss.


Be careful while packing bags for Singapore that you don’t carry chewing gums as they will literally punish you with a good amount to pay, and be very careful about the sanitation and cleanliness. Do not litter the streets, feed the birds, spit in public as these all are punishable offense there.

New Zealand

I hope you know the difference between Aussies(Australians) and Kiwis(New Zealanders). New Zealanders are very friendly and loving people but avoid talking about Rugby, Lord of the Rings and Queen of the United Kingdom as they can not bear a single word for them.



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