Beat-the-heat Makeup For The Summer!

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It is hard to say goodbye to make-up when it has been your friend for the last 12+ years just because the weather’s too hot. It feels very close to treason isn’t it?

Despite the crazy weather having us bound in air-conditioned offices and getting us to avoid unnecessary outdoor activity like the plague, there are some no-fail tips that every woman should know and pass down to her offsprings.

So since summer is all about ice-cream, sandy beaches and romance, sticky lipsticks, running eyeliners and smudged eyes are definite no-nos.

How to avoid them? Don’t use them at all. (Ok that might sounded harsh.) Makeup meltdowns are preventable and you can still look fresh and cool despite the 100°F degrees out there. Here’s how:

Priming your face: Primers have been a cinema little secret before they got mainstream, and all us average girls could benefit from them. Applying primer right after your daily moisturizer ensures that any make-up that you will put on later will stay in place.

Go minimal: There’s no need for a cake-y makeup right in the middle of hellish weather. Avoid unnecessary layering by using a tinted moisturizer with SPF in place of the three different products you would normally use; foundation, sunscreen and moisturizer.

Don’t go over the dark side: Be as natural as possible. There’s no need for heavy eye shadows, sliding eyeliners and thick lipsticks.

Strategically use some bronzing powder and slightly highlight your eyes with extra mascara. It’s all about going natural not going all drama-queen on your make up. Some plum shade blush on your cheekbones will go a long way than spending hours getting a smoky-eyes look.

This summer's motto: Go Light, Not Bright

Accessorize: Be all ready for emergencies and meltdowns; they’re inevitable mind you!

  •  Have blotting papers when your forehead goes all shiny on you.
  • A matte transparent powder for touch-ups.
  •  A refreshing, finishing spray to set makeup in place again.
  • Another cheeky beat-the heat tip is to use creamy make-up instead of powdered ones. This is so because, whilst powders cake up with sweat and humidity, creams stay right in place!
  • Avoid gloss and glitter, you really don’t need that extra shine on your already gleaming face.

What are your no-fail summer make-up tips? What keeps your make up in place and you looking fabulous? Care to share?


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