Spring Snacks With 100 Calories Or Less! Snack On!!

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Healthy, satisfying and full of energy. This is what the ideal snack should be like. But truth be told, you’re more likely to fall headfirst on the most unhealthy snack in the office.

No you don’t need that second cupcake as an afternoon snack, it will neither make you full nor give you sustainable energy to stave off your afternoon slump. Here’s what will,

1. Pop Corn with a Dash of Parmesan Cheese

Popcorn has the crunch factor which will satisfy your all senses and your satiety. Give salted popcorn an extra kick with a tablespoon of parmesan cheese. Once the popcorn is hot and ready sprinkle on top the parmesan cheese, toss to distibute evenly and your snack is ready! Make sure you pack it in an air-tight container to keep it crunchy. Yum!

2. Medium Carrots, Celery and Hummus

An all-year favorite, this snack will fill you up. Remember your hummus shouldn’t be more than roughly two tablespoon. CHoose either 8-10 baby carrots or 3 medium cut in halves. For variety of flavors add three celery stalks too!

3. Strawberries and Cream (Yes, yes!)

It might look decadent but it’s not! A snack of about 100gr of strawberries (28kcal) and 30gr of light creme fraiche make for a heavenly afternoon snack.

4. Egg Whites

3 hard-boiled egg whites give you about  52 calories. To amp up the flavor sprinkle a tablespoon of mustard and black pepper.

5. Medium Figs With Cottage Cheese

If you’re lucky to find fresh, ripe figs go for it. Dried figs work as well. Two medium, dried figs spread with ricotta cheese give you a only 104 calories! Now that’s a flavorful,wholesome snack you cannot resist!

What’s your favorite low-cal snack? Please share in the comments below!


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