Summer Beauty Hacks! You Have To Try!

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It’s the time when our productivity hits record lows and all we can do is daydream of our next time at the beach,  sipping on cocktails and gazing at the infinite blue ahead.

On the other hand, summer does have its downsides, dripping make up, racoon-like smudges eyes, excessive sweating and hairstyle-busting humidity. How do you keep yourself from losing your mind?

With our beauty hacks of course!

Humidity-resilient hair

It’s not science fiction, it’s the real thing. Why slave away with a hair straightener knowing in 2 hours maximum your head will resemble a floating fuzzy ball of hair?

The Solution: Braids, braids, braids. For the last few years all sorts of braids made their comeback. And why shouldn’t they, braids are a classy hair style you can effortlessly pull off and prepare. What gives it extra preference points is that it doesn’t budge, no matter how humid the air is!

To tan or not to tan?

Many women fear the sun, but they do want a more healthy-looking tan complexion. Of course, tanning beds are out of the picture and so is sunbathing.

Achieve a fake tan without and save yourself from the harmful sunrays

The solution is to get a gradual, summer tan with an organic sunless tan lotion. This will allow you to have full control over the amount of tan you will achieve and avoid the oh-so-shameful orange tan we all dread.  

Skip lipstick altogether

To stay hydrated during summer we are always sipping on one refreshment or another. Avoid the hustle of having to reapply your lipstick every half hour and opt for an SPF lip balm to protect and keep your lips sufficiently hydrated.

Go light!

Don’t over indulge in make up during summer. If you absolutely must, focus on mascara, blush or bronze and a light BB cream. Save your self time by skipping heavy coverage foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick. Keep it au-naturel, keep it casual!


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