A journey of Clearing UPSC by IES Akhand Swarup

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Motivation is a path to success, without motivation, you can not lead to success!

Akhand Swarup’s life story tells us the same as a below average student can become a man who cleared almost 8 government examinations; ranked #1 in 2 national examinations and a founder of a well known corporate The Catalyst.

In Akhand’s college, once he got a call from a stranger saying, that his father met with an accident and got serious injuries. He was around 1000miles away from his dad and somehow managed to come to him. This journey was a “Journey of Transformation” for him, Akhand felt so helpless until he did not see his father. All of his finances, savings got finished in his father’s treatment and Akhand got a sense of realization that he can not have a life like this,  he does not want anything same to happen in future where he feels helpless for his family and loved ones.

Here is the beginning of a changed Akhand Swarup, he got his financial circumstances as the motivational base and started studying. Meanwhile, someone told Akhand to appear for UPSC examinations and he started preparing. Akhand started giving interstate tuitions, traveled Delhi, Bangalore etc, for a source of earning, faced obstacles, frustrations, failures but never gave up!

Akhand says Frustration is the route to success if you can pass it and stand steadily you are SUCCESSFUL!

So, are you ready to cross all failures and frustrations with a strong motivational base?

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