11 things a girl can relate if she has a male best friend !

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  • Your shopping partner
    We girls just can’t live without shopping, and he is our all-time-available shopping partner, and most importantly we never tell them about a shopping plan before the meeting!



  • Your presumed boyfriend!
    I don’t know why the hell everybody thinks that we are dating, In fact, we can’t even think of it, he’s probably not even a last option for us!

  • He cares for you the most, but never shows!
    You know whenever you fell into a well, his hand will be the first to get you out but Yes, after he’s done with laughing at you!


  • According to him, you are “unnatural”
    It’s not probably your fault, that you’re so comfortable with him, you can do all the shitty things without any judgement in return! You will always be the same loving cum irritating friend for him!



  • Boyfriend’s biggest enemy
    You love your boyfriend, but he wants you to love him more than your best friend! Now how is this possible ??!! Eventually, most of the time you have to break up with your boyfriend coz of your best friend!

  • His family = Your Family
    Be it your family or his, you guys are the same insane with them both!

  • Always “single”!
    You must have a sorry feeling for him coz he doesn’t get any girlfriend as you’re his publically assumed girlfriend

  • You just can’t live without abusing each other!
    Your chats must get started with abusing him each other, I guess, when we met for first, that was the first and last day I talked without abusing him

  • Human Diary
    From future goals to sex fantasies, facebook post to personal chat, ex to next you guys know everything about each other!

  • Your personal entertainer!
    Whether it’s a college party or some irritating family function, he is always there to entertain you!

  • Last, but not the least; You guys are so possessive about each other
    Definitely, none of you can bear that your best friend is having a person who’s more important from you!

Guys, if you really liked this, do tag your male best friend and let him know how important he is to you and make sure he won’t tag this anybody else ! Afterall, he is your BEST FRIEND!





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