8 Surprising Facts of the World.

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When you gain or lose weight your fat cells don’t disappear – they just change their size.


A cockroach can live a few weeks without it’s head. It will eventually die of hunger.

Have you ever wondered why banana has a curve? – They reach for the sunlight when they grow.

The Spanish word esposas, means both “handcuffs” and “wives”. I think Spanish people considers it the same. hahahaha!

It’s sad to tell that the last words of Albert Einstein spoke are unknown as he said them in German to a nurse who didn’t know the language.

After knowing this, we all should start to have a hot bath only that, when you take a hot bath, you burn as many calories as you would if you went for a long 30 minute walk.

You must experience it! If you make ice ice cubes with tap water, they will be white. Else ways, if you use boiled water, they will be transparent.


ice cubes


Animals avoid power lines due to the presence of Ultraviolet flashes that they scared of and we humans can’t even see them.




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