Curb Your Overeating Habits, Five Foolproof Ways to Slim Down

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It’s that time of year when all of a sudden we start taking better care of our body and what we feed it. Overeating can terribly sabotage any slimming effort, so how do you control over eating?

How do you go from mindless, large portions of food to a more conscious, smaller and frequent meals without starving yourself to death all the while?

Conscious Eating

People play havoc with their dieting because they eat mindlessly or as part of multitasking. If you’re eating, just do that. Savor each bite, eat slowly, eat mindfully. This way you get to feed your senses as well as your body. The result, you tend to eat less and be satisfied more.

Be the Portion Police

Color Your Plates Beautiful

Gradually cut down your serving portions. Using smaller plates is a great trick, in fooling your brain you’re eating as usual. Don’t drastically reduce your calorie intake, it will be counteractive as it will increase your cravings, making it easier for you to give in.

Be Choosy

See food as a long-term investment for your health and body. When you regard food as a nutritional, nurturing daily need you will think twice before you eat half a strawberry pie. Choose organic, non-processed foods. Avoid sugar and salt-laden snacks. See your body thank you.

Color Me Pretty

Boring, uninspiring meals tend to make us eat more. Fun, colorful ones feast our eyes as much as our stomach. Include bright colored veggies and fruit into your meals. Make them exciting! A multicolored, lively meal satisfies you mentally and then nutritionally.

What’s your foolproof trick in curbing your overeating habits? How are you trying to get ready for the beach? Split the beans!


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