Facts Revealed Against Few Myths of the World

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Everest isn’t the Tallest Mountain

Everest has the height of around 29,029 FT whereas Mauna Kea, a volcano in Hawaii has an altitude of about 33,500 FT from it’s base to the peak.

Chocolates Do Not Cause Acne

A lot of people among us believes that chocolates can cause acne but it is nothing like that. Even several dermatologists have studied this fact and concluded that chocolates do not cause any skin issues. So do not worry and Eat chocolates! 

Milk Does Not Prevent Us from Bone Fractures

As per the Harvard University, nations that do not use dairy products are less prone to bone fractures than regions with more consumption of milk, isn’t funny? Even consumption of Sardine, Salmon, Beans, Almonds are rich in calcium and thus helps in preventing bone fracture.


Running Every day isn’t Healthy

Studies have shown that if you run daily to stay fit is completely not worth and even pernicious to your health. Too much endurance training may cause a decrease in blood circulation leading serious heart problems. Instead, stay fit with jogging 2-3 times in a week.


Sugar can be Good for Dogs

According to tot he College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina, if your dog feels frail, you can give him a sugar cube which helps in improving their health

Mars isn’t Red

According to Nasa’s Viking 1 Lander (1 spacecraft landed to Mars) images of Mars shows that Mars also has the blue sky and NASA also admits that some parts of Mars are Blue & Grey.



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