Some Psychological Facts That Will Help You A Lot

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Never start your request with ‘Could you…’
It gives the 2nd person an impression of fear, and it enhances the chances of rejection of the request.

If someone is avoiding to answer your question continuously, just give a pause for a while and start the eye contact with the one, this increases the probability of getting an answer!

If you’re about to join a job, ask some questions to your colleagues and let them explain to you whether you know the fact or not, this improves the overall attitude of fellow towards you.

If someone is indulged in some task or conversation with high concentration level, extend your hand gently to the person and get anything they’re holding. They might not even remember it….hahaha

If you’re someone who’s lazy to wake up, put an alarm and as soon as it gets off, make two fists as you’ve won a match it helps a lot to wake up refreshingly.

If you have someone lazy in your team, do not give them tasks saying ‘do this’, give them task saying ‘start with this’. Psychologically it seems like less work and when they complete the task, you may ask them to continue with this, this way you can get your work done.

If you’re going to speak in public, always take a water bottle along with you. This way if you have forgiven something you can take a sip of it and recall the part, and nobody will get to know about it.

If you did not get a night of good sleep, still say that you a good night. Psychologists say that if you don’t get a good sleep still if you genuinely make yourself believe that you had one, your brain will function properly and you’ll be well active at work.



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