How To Stay Healthy During Candy-season

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Perhaps you’re more excited about your child’s first trick or treat venture. Perhaps you cannot really hide your sweet tooth and the idea of getting so much candy is mind-blowing. But all the excitement aside, there are a few things you should consider before getting high on sugar this time of year!

Have a detox week right after Halloween, the less you eat the less it will last. Let this be your motivation for eating less.

Buying sweets and candy that you don’t really like eating yourself is a great way to discourage yourself from eating them. Common sense right?

Set a time limit for how many days sweets will be lingering in bowls all over your house. Stick to a date and give them all away on the last day. No cheating, ALL of them!


This Halloween have fun not fat!

Opt for light and hearty snacks if you cannot avoid it. No need to bulk up on calories, if you can only have the pleasure of eating salty and sugary treats!

Go dark. Chocolate that is. Another smart healthy choice is to avoid milk or worse, white chocolate treats. The largest the percentage of cacao the healthier the treast!

Bake or make your own sweets this Halloween, this way you know what you’ve put into them. We got faith in you that you will make them healthy but still tasty!

Even if you go for sugar-free or for light candy, still this is no excuse to indulge in it. Practice self-control, your thighs will later thank you!

If candy-season is not the best time to get out of  your couch, I don’t know when is! Go jogging, start taking your bike, it’s never too late to burn those Snickers calories! Plus you’ll feel less guilty eating all those treats that have been left over.


What are your tips for staying healthy this time of year?


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