How To Get Blemish Free Skin Naturally

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Great skin shouldn’t cost much. You can get radiant skin that’s free of blemishes at home with foolproof, century-old home remedies. The extra upside for choosing natural ingredients for your beauty regimen is that you don’t slather on harmful chemicals and ingredients you cannot even pronounce!

Fresh Complexion

To get blemish-free skin you need to exfoliate at least twice a week. Although there are many face scrubs in the market, you can make your own with ingredients already in your kitchen!

1. Grape scrub

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During the summer, put aside a few grapes, slice them in half and gently rub them on your face to scrape off dead cells and clean up your pores.

If grapes is not your think you can try other natural face exfoliants:

2. Soda with water – mix a teaspoon of soda with a few drops of water or facial cleanser to create a thick paste. Apply onto skin in circular motion and then rinse with lukewarm water.

3. Almighty oatmeal – don’t eat it for breakfast, eat it through your skin. Oatmeal will wash off any impurities and dead cells and leave your skin soothed and revitalized! Mix oatmeal with warm water or milk and form a thick paste, gently massage onto the skin in circular motion and rinse!

4. Coffee with Honey – caffeine will stimulate your skin and honey will nourish and clean it as it’s a potent anti-bacterial agent. Appply as the advised above.

Zits be Gone!

You can use abrasive topical pimple gels to cover up and minimize pimple redness, but a more efficient and less harmful way is available.

1. Lemons – these zesty little fellas have citric acid which helps kill bacteria. Its antiseptic activity will help your pimples dry out and tone your skin at the same time!

2. Tea Tree Oil – this is another strong ally of your skin. It has strong anti-bacterial potency which helps to dry out your zits, alleviate redness and disinfect your skin naturally. Using a cotton bud topically apply tea tree oil on each zit and let it work its magic for 3-4 hours!

Blemish free, radiant skin doesn’t have to depend on pricey acne treatments, a natural, safe solution is already in your kitchen!


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