Interesting facts of People Born in November

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First of all, Wish you a very Happy Birthday Scorpion. We have jotted down some interesting things about you, which you might know or not. But this is gonna be amazing introspection I am sure! Do let us know in the comment section, how many things you could relate.

They don’t ask for favors

Scorpions are deemed to have high self-esteem than others. They do not ask for favors until and unless extremely required.14808060-28575260-1-11PreviewImageTranslation-1848s10-0-1498136941-1498136946-650-1-1498136946-650-fa00c7077d-1498164648

They’re mysterious

Scorpions don’t tell about their life, they do not feel secure while sharing their life issues, also they will make a judgment of you without even telling, so be aware of them too.

They are loyal to their friends

Loyalty is the key characteristic of Scorpions, once they start to value, they show extreme loyalty towards friends.

These people are greatly misunderstood by others

Due to their secretive attitude, Scorpions are usually misunderstood by others


Scorpions are well known for hard work, dedication towards their work.

Attention Magnet

Scorpions are damn attractive to get attention easily.

Clever; Can’t be fooled so easily

Do not ever try to make fool of any Scorpion, unless you’re one too.

Have Most Trust Issues

Scorpions tend to be very possessive of themselves and for their loved ones. So, usually, they have trust issues.

Focused, Ambitious and Competitive

Scorpions are as dedicated, intelligent, focused as clever. It going to be a tough competition if it’s with any Scorpion. Last but not least.

MeTime lovers

Scorpions love to spend time alone, they are the best person to be in alone! Loneliness brings joy to them and puts out all their traumas. For Scorpions, best healing is to be alone.



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