Some facts about Gandhi Ji which can teach us a lot.

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On the 149th Birthday of our Nation’s Father Mahatma Gandhi, there are some facts related to his life but known to really few people.

Extremely Shy Kid

Mahaatma Gandhi as a Kid

Besides the fact that he is our Father of Nation and was an active freedom fighter who led numerous campaigns was an extremely shy kid in school. He often runs from school because of his difficulty to talk to his schoolmates.

Not a brilliant student

Gandhi ji not a brilliant student

He was an average student with brilliant command over English, even he had a really bad handwriting till his last breath. Thus, do not get demotivated if you aren’t making good in your academics. Be curious enough to learn new things and confidence to show up your skills. (Proved an average doesn’t mean you can’t do anything; achieve anything )

Idea of Non – Violence Campaigns

Idea of Non - Violence Campaigns

While he was in South Africa, he served Indian Army for medically ill soldiers as stretcher bearers in the World War, from these he got a fierce belief in the idea of Non – Violence.

Owned and started two football clubs at South Africa

Gandhi JI owned and started two football clubs at South Africa

Post studies in South Africa, his income there at that time was around $15000. Therefore, seeing the racial discrimination, he started two football clubs to propagate his ideology.

Connections with Greats

Gandhi and Einstien Sir

We always read about Tolstoy,  Einstien, Hitler and many more legendary leaders of the world, Gandhi had great connections with them too. Every one among them used to respect him a lot.

He was peripatetic

He walked an average of 18km a day for 40 years. He considered walking as KING OF EXERCISES. He walked around 79000km during his campaign 1913 to 1938, enough to transit Earth twice.

A secret in his LoinCloth

He had false teeth under his loincloth and took it out only to eat.

Nominated for Nobel Prize for Five Times.

He was nominated in years, 1947, 1939, 1938, 1937 but never received the award, he also got nominated in 1948 but that January he passed away and nobody was conferred with the award.

The 8km long funeral procession

On 30th January 1948, India lost it’s precious gem as Gandhi Ji passed away and there was an 8km long funeral procession. Most relics of Gandhi Ji including the clothes he wore when he was shot are still preserved in the Gandhi Museum Madre.


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