8 Signs You Are Getting Dumped

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It’s unpleasant, even life-devastating to break up and no matter how prepared you tell yourself you’re for the worst case scenario, you are more likely lying. You don’t however, have to be taken by surprise, if your lover feels like they want to explore other possibilities, there are telltale signs you are subtly given. Whether you’re going to do something about it it’s entirely up to you!

Loss of Intimacy 

This is a sign of  the unwillingness to regain the warmth, passion and nurture, your relationship used to feed upon



Loss of Communication

You talk but you don’t communicate, you argue, you fight, but you don’t listen to each other any longer


Loss of Sexual Drive 

Excuses, excuses, a low libido is not always physiological or ”a phase”, it could stem from loss of sexual interest.


Ungrounded fighting

Bickering over trivial issues, getting angry over ridiculous things you’d otherwise laugh about and move on. Fighting seems to be your new favorite hobby. The terrifying thing is that one of the two is actually enjoying it.



Bad Times Outnumber the Good ones 

You hardly remember feeling happy, at ease or loved  in the presence of your partner.


Indifference towards yourself

They become obsessed with a new or old hobby, a new friend, but never with you. You’re always excluded or the last to be invited in.


Too much self-indulgence

A sudden interest in pampering and prettifying themselves and an inexplicable happiness might be signs of their love being transferred towards another person.


These 8 signs can be little predictors of what’s about to happen. If you feel that more than half  of this list applies to your relationship, it’s better to start talking, your relationship might be saveable. Take however, into consideration that each relationship gets through rough patches from time to time, so don’t get obsessed over it if there are no tangible or enough signs to base your assumptions on.



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