Letter to My Best Friend : When I will Get Married

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Hey Best Friend! Thanks for being there for each heartbreak I faced, for the dreams we lived together and things we did together, especially when I didn’t even ask you to be there. With you, I never felt that I should have a partner in my life, you were there as friend, partner, supporter, and spontaneous enough for being anything as situation demands. And I also enjoyed being there for you the same way.
I am sorry, but now on you have to do certain things on your own, like :

I won’t be calling you in the morning to wake you up to get ready. You have to manage on your own.

Don’t forget your daily schedules, I will no more be your reminder book.

You have to make your presentations solely, now I am not gonna help you with them.

Most importantly, I am sorry for not being there at night at our adda to make you feel relaxed from all day stress.

You should be happy too, form now on I won’t be picking you out for my shopping, which you didn’t like the most !

On every outing, I have to come with my husband.

I am gonna miss you a lot, those moments we shared, memories we made, problems we faced together, and fun we had.


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