Single Girls Alert: Do’s and Don’ts on Your First Date

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Dating is fun, but it can be also disastrous if you break the first date rules. We’re the type of people who’d suggest going with your gut, being yourself and just enjoy it. But following some ground rules will almost ensure that a second date will follow!



Of course you’re super-excited and want to talk about how invigorating your Zumba classes are. But, try keeping a balance of talk time between you two.

Don’t monopolize the conversation, let him talk and amaze you.  Give him a chance to impress you. Presenting yourself as a listener encourages the other person to bring the best out of  him.

Dress ladylike (but sexy too):

Wear your sexiest lingerie, but when it comes to what he actually sees, keep it chic and classy.

Ideally, wear something that’s flattering and makes you confident. If you can hardly breathe in those tight jeans, you might want to pick something less leg-numbing.

Focus on the present:

Keep the conversation flowing by focusing on whatever is current, relevant and engaging. Don’t linger too much on your past. If you keep talking about your childhood and your French bulldog Candy Cane, he will get bored and feel left out.


Stop over-analyzing:

If all goes well (or not), don’t over-analyze every word, every movement, his order and so on. Trying to keep your cool is crucial.  Trust your gut; if it feels right go on a second date, if it’s so and so, don’t even bother, girl!

First Date Clubbing is not a good idea, choose a more quiet place

Don’t make it all about-me date:

Dating is about getting to know each other, if you tend to be talkative when nervous try controlling it by asking questions rather than self-answering them.

Don’t get carried away:

You’re only allowed to look as far ahead as a second date. No relationship, no marriage, no family thinking is yet permitted (or sane for that matter)!

Keeping your drinking under control:

Don’t go for strong drinks or something you’re not accustomed to. Opt for drinks that will shake off the stress but that won’t make a fool of yourself. Good luck!


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