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Who is THAT ONE GUY? For me, for you, for all of us…..

If you are in a dilemma that the one you’re with is THAT ONE GUY or not !

Then, here you can get the help!

We all may have met a lot of men, some may like us, we liked some, but still, there was something which was missing, that’s something which can be seen in only one person, THAT ONE GUY!

Had a number of people in life, friendships, relationships still an incompleteness was there, that incompleteness was him!

In any relationship, the thing which makes it the strongest is “Trust.”

For me, the definition of  THAT ONE GUY is someone who believes in you, the way you live, your approach to life, to parents, people around, who have faith in you, that this girl can never betray you!”

Any person in sharing a special bond expects “Respect”

A guy respects who you, your parents, loved ones, friends, thoughts, dreams.

A person there for you even at 4.00AM of a night to help, who understands your workload and there to share a lil of it with a lot of help! And moreover, who deem your parents as their own and help them, in the same way, they do their own parent’s!….. Who is there to boost your morale in low time, make himself free just to make you feel wanted!

More importantly, Who is there in every situation no matter what will be the result, he will be there and the best part is if he isn’t there with you, still the time you shared together is the biggest strength for you to fight with the world!

Please note…..

There are people who take their space in your heart, there are very few who make it with their efforts, love, care, worried to lose you!

If you have such people in life, don’t lose him, he is the real gem of your life, let the world say whatever they want. Remember one thing, THAT ONE GUY IS THE MOST TRUST WORTH PERSON IN YOUR LIFE!!!!


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