Time To Talk About The Pain During Sex!

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Pain during intercourse is pain or discomfort in a woman’s labial, vaginal, or pelvic areas during or after sexual intercourse. The word dyspareunia comes from early Greek language, and its meanings include “difficulty mating” or “badly mated.” Some pain during sex is extremely common but if it turns severe, it might be an indication to a some serious underlying physical disease. But the problem is women don’t talk it out because they have been ingrained with the thought that sex will hurt and they don’t want to come out as a cribbing woman in front of their guy or hurt his ego! The end result can be a vicious cycle in which sex is not as pleasurable as it could be for one or even both parties — and nobody talks about it.

If you think that sex is supposed to be pain free then you’re wrong. The pain during sex is extremely common — but unfortunately, so is ignoring it.
Sometimes, when the pain is more severe, it can be the result of a chronic condition like vaginismus or vulvodynia.
Vaginismus is an involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor muscles when a woman attempts to insert something into her vagina. It causes an intense burning pain and can make penetration impossible: The vagina may completely clamp up, blocking entry, as if it were a brick wall. There’s no single cause, and it can be psychological as well as physical.
A recent study from Indiana University found that about one-third of women had recently experienced some unwanted pain during vaginal intercourse, compared to 7% of men.

You should never ever ignore it and should talk about it to your partner and the doctor without any hesitation.

The possible reasons of the pain are: an awkward position, size incompatibility or inadequate lubrication may leave one or both partners feeling a little sting or soreness.

The solution to this problem is,

Foreplay needs to be exciting to you, for some women, that might mean kissing and rolling around with their partner; for others it might be watching porn together. For someone else it might be oral stimulation. Understanding what feels good is key to starting the natural process of blood flow to the genitals, which increases lubrication.

If your vagina is not lubricated well, all you will experience is a painful and bad sex. If in case it take too much time for you to get aroused and lubricate you vagina, be sure you have a tube of lube ready for action. You might not need it most of the time, but having it on stand-by means not having to go searching for it in the middle of the action—and ruining the moment.

You BOYS and GIRLs really need to communicate well about your sexual needs and desires and not fake an orgasm, cuz when you will talk about it and tell your partner all the new things you wanna try, you will see a different bond and passion in your relationship altogether resulting in a steamy and orgasmic sex session.


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