4 Life Lessons from Indian Army

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Don’t waste your sweat over small stuff

Being an army person, all the soldiers have to face infinite problems throughout their every day. They have been treated badly, face criticism, no time to have meals, aggressive training schedules, and a lot of the things. If they start thinking about the small kinds of stuff about their own comfort zone, they won’t be able to utilize their mental presence and physical strength at the real problems.

It is always all for one

Indian Army also gives us a lesson of true “teamwork”! Even a single decision from an alone soldier can lead to failure in battle. It’s always about all for one. Either the decision makes you win or lose, every time the whole team has to face. It is never about the individual!

Many time you fail in life, that failure is something designed to bring out your real strength.

In the Indian army, there are different departments and you must be eligible for the respective department. Moreover, not everybody is good in all things like may some soldier has a good shot but other’s defense is well than the shot. Someone is a good runner but may not have a good shot. But you should always give chance to all the opportunities coming your way, introspect, learn about yourself, get an idea of your goods and bads and choose your own field of life. Remember, sometimes it’s the profession who chooses you, not you who chooses the profession.

You must be the same inside and out
I remember one of the Captain telling about his experience that in the time 1986-88, all the soldiers in Punjab who had to travel Punjab interstate and at that time, there were orders to have AK47 in hands in all the travel time so he just asked his fellow to keep the gun behind as he was tired of carrying it and till the time he did not find the gun useful and the fellow person very nicely replied “though you did not find it useful by the time, when if there will be a requirement you must be having it in hands so there will no delays. It gives us a lesson to be the same wherever and whenever you are. Your personality should never be fake.


All of the above, always and always respect the Indian Army. They not only deserved this they have earned this. Indian Army is the 3rd deadliest army in the world and moreover, all our soldiers are fighting against terrorism so that we live a peaceful life. 

Tribute to those 42 CRPF soldiers who got martyred and to those still fighting for our peaceful life.



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