How a housewife can become a most successful women entrepreneur

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This blog is for women those who are ambitious and do not want to hold on to the hurdles will be coming along the way.


It’s a story of Nita Mehta, an Indian Chef celebrity, author, restaurateur, and a successful women entrepreneur from a housewife. She has become an ideal lady among all women entrepreneurs. Nita Mehta has also been awarded for her hard work. In 1999, she won Best Asian Cookbook Award for her book Flavours of Indian Cooking at the World Cookbook Fair in Paris.

Nita Mehta believes that she has been nothing without her own MBA,” and the irony of the situation is, she has never done an MBA. Her MBA stands for M-Mindset, B-Backbreaking Hard work, and A-Acumen. Being a housewife with no past corporate experiences and no ambition she started her journey to get some extra money. Her mind revolves only around the food, so she thought to make it her profession, started with cooking classes, researched a lot, went to restaurants, grabbed dishes, reformed the recipes, made her own dishes, worked hard and harder get it published and this is how Nita Mehta reborn. Her journey didn’t end even started from here.

By the grace of God, her immense hard work, intelligence, dynamic and never give up attitude she proved a housewife can also become a leading and successful entrepreneur with her own “MBA”


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