Quick Tips To Keep Your Makeup Fresh And Flawless All Day

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It is a big problem for women to keep their makeup looking fresh and flawless all day long. You have to go for the small touch-ups to keep looking fresh and flawless.

Well, worry no more because here are a few tips and tricks to keep you away from those annoying mid-day makeup touch-ups.

1. Lipstick hacks

Apply some concealer or primer before applying your lipstick.
Use a lip liner half way into your lips for blending the lipstick properly.
Use the tissue paper to blot the oil and get a matt effect. A mattified lipstick lasts longer. You can also cover your lips with a tissue paper and apply loose powder over it to make it last longer.

2. Loose powder

Brushing loose mineral powder over your foundation prevents your skin from becoming oily and also prevents the foundation from settling in between the lines. Use a translucent powder over your foundation to set it right and apply it properly, especially over the oily portion.

3. Primer

It is important that you use a primer before your makeup. Primer gives the moisturizer and the foundation something to hold onto so that the makeup lasts longer. Use a gel, cream or a powder-based primer as per your skin.


4. Makeup spray

A good makeup spray might come in handy when you have a busy schedule ahead of you and you know, you might not even get the time of a touch-up. A lightweight fixing spray is good to prevent your skin from getting shiny and greasy by the end of the day and it will also make your eye makeup, lipstick and base last longer.

5. Eye makeup

Always go for a waterproof eye makeup or may be gel-based ones. They do not smudge out easily and prevent you from getting those dull eyes in the middle of the day. If you are using eyeshadow, make sure to use an eye primer before applying that.


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