Travel Essentials With Style and Comfort!

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You can always make more money but not more time! And as they say, traveling is the healthiest addiction which is absolutely true. So, you should be on your feet more than ever this summer! Okay, so thinking about traveling can be a little daunting sometimes because it can also mean getting out of your comfort zone! But as long as you know all the right things to carry, you will never have to compromise on your style and comfort! Here are few travel essentials that can make your experience really pleasant!


1. Stylish and comfortable travel bags

When it comes to long hours of outing, sitting at the airports, exploring, getting tired, everyone needs comfort! A comfortable, stylish and a sturdy bag can be a big plus. Personally, I prefer Puma Handbags because of how stylish they look plus they are safe to carry. I also prefer carrying a medium size bag which is spacious and yet consumes less space!


2. Basic outfits

Basic and solid colored outfits can save you everywhere while you are on the go. Such outfits can be paired with almost anything and multiple times. That also means less luggage! A plain white tee can be paired with several different shrugs and shirts while a pair of good black or brown shoes can be dressed both up and down with almost anything!


3. Trendy Clutch

A Clutch is an easy-peasy, little carry case for all your important stuff. A clutch will ensure that you don’t have to look for your stuff here and there, under and inside you pockets! Investing in a good leather clutch can be a good idea to keep all your cash, passport and other important documents safe!


4. Light makeup

Light makeup is easy to carry and affordable! When you are planning to travel, you would want to maintain your style quotient to look your glamorous self and to create beautiful pictures for your insta feed! A little bag of petroleum jelly, matte lipsticks and kajal will save your day. Don’t forget to include a sunscreen.


5. Travel toiletries

Comfort cannot be taken care of without your everyday toiletries. Investing into a decent hand sanitizer, a face wash, Mouthwash, tissues and some face wipes can be a good idea. A hand towel is also a must to cut down on your travelling woes.


Happy journey fellas:)


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