Men Do Not Care About These Things In Bed!

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Imperfections are a part of us, and that is what makes us human. Things that bother girls/women are not even a matter of concern for boys. So chill all you pretty women. A man makes love to you and finds you beautiful with all the flaws that you have. Read these list below and make yourself comfortable.

1. If you’ve showered freshly

freshly showered
Well, it’s okay if you haven’t showered just for one day. Of course, there is a line though. Your man does not care whether you are fresh or not. SO chill! He will enjoy the intimacy anyway.

2. If you haven’t shaved since a while

This is only in your mind, he probably won’t even notice it. You ruin your heated up the scene just cuz you remember that you haven’t shaved. Well, at that moment all he’s thinking of is making love with you and not caring about your hairy legs!

3. That extra fat on tummy

He is with you for a reason. He’s seen you and admired you just the way you are. So stop thinking about what will he think about your tummy or love handles. There are chances that you might be more conscious about your weight that he is.

4. Stretch Marks

stretch marks
Stretch marks can come anytime anywhere on the body. And guess what, most of us have at least a few. They bother you and not your man honey. He is seeing the most beautiful girl that he loves. With or without stretch marks, you’re extraordinary anyway!

5. Any sounds that you make

make sound
All those sounds actually make him realize that he’s giving you pleasure, which is a bigger turn on for a man. So relax, let yourself free and enjoy the moment!

6. If you take time to reach the orgasm

Generally, women take longer to reach climax than men. And it’s absolutely normal. Trust me, he will not mind it at all.
It just means making love for some more time, and who would have a problem with that?
And just in case if you think that something you know will get you there quick, don’t forget to share it with him.


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