10 Annoying Things All Indian Parents Do

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Yes they are our parents and we should respect them, but isn’t their instances where you can’t help but think parents do what they do purposefully to annoy us? I mean why else would they do these:

1. Making all kinds of loud noises possible while we are sleeping in the morning


2. Scolding us for being on phone for hours while talking to relatives for hours themselves

giphy (1)

3. Making us feel like a tennis ball while asking permission for going out!

Mother – Ask your father
Father – Ask your mother


4. Comparing our marks with the neighbour’s son/daughter


5. Pestering us when it comes to handling technology!


6. Scolding us instead of teaching when we ask doubts.

Nalayak! class mein dhyan nahi de sakta?


7. Judging our friends by marks scored by them


8. Believing in Jugaad rather than buying new stuff


9. Blaming everything on your Phone!

How can using the phone give me stomach ache ma?

giphy (2)

10. Wake you up one hour before the right time saying “You are late already! “parents


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