Describing the Experience: What Is It Like to Use CBD Oil?

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With the popularity of CBD oil on the rise, more consumers than ever are grappling with the choice of whether they should try the popular wellness supplement themselves. Years of misinformation about cannabis, in general, and CBD, in particular, have led to a lot of confusion about what it will entail, though. This article will explain the basics of what it feels like to use CBD oil to help consumers make more informed choices.

Different Effects of Hemp-Based vs. Marijuana-Based CBD

CBD can be extracted from either hemp plants or marijuana plants, and which of these types of cannabis manufacturers use can have a huge impact on what effects the final product will produce. That’s because while the molecular structure of the CBD itself doesn’t change based on its source, the other cannabinoids found in each of these plants can influence effects.

Put simply, marijuana plants contain significantly more THC, so using full-spectrum CBD oil derived from marijuana can leave users feeling intoxicated. When consumers use products made from hemp-derived CBD, there’s no need to worry about unwanted psychoactive effects since the plants contain little to no THC. Those interested in taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits of CBD without worrying about intoxication can check out Pure Plan to learn about one reputable supplier of legal, hemp-based CBD.

Full-Spectrum vs. Broad-Spectrum vs. CBD Isolates

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the same chemicals found in cannabis plants, which means it may contain trace amounts of THC even if it was derived from hemp. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains most of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants but the THC has been filtered out during the extraction process. This allows users to take advantage of a wider array of beneficial compounds without worrying about whether they will experience unwanted intoxicating effects.

CBD isolates contain only CBD. It has been stripped of all other chemical compounds during the extraction process to leave behind pure cannabidiol. The fact that it is purer than full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products doesn’t necessarily make oil derived from CBD isolates stronger, though, since other cannabinoids are believed to play a role in producing therapeutic benefits via what’s known as the entourage effect.

Increased Relaxation and Improved Mood

While hemp-derived CBD and CBD isolates will not produce intoxicating effects, they can help consumers feel calmer and more relaxed. Some consumers also report experiencing less pain, getting better sleep, and enjoying improved moods after taking CBD oil.

The reason that CBD can help consumers manage pain and anxiety and often improves their moods is that it works on the endocannabinoid system, a natural system of neurotransmitters found throughout the body that helps to control homeostasis. When taken in concert with THC, it helps to inhibit the uptake of this intoxicating chemical compound. When taken alone, researchers believe it may encourage the body to increase the production of endocannabinoids.

CBD Is Not a Cure-All

Most outrageous claims about CBD come from opponents of cannabis, but this myth is more frequently spread by proponents of CBD oil. Unfortunately, while CBD does confer a number of therapeutic benefits and it can make users manage anxiety, pain, sleep problems, and other medical disorders, it’s not a cure-all. Just take unqualified praise with a small grain of salt and know that taking CBD won’t immediately fix every problem.

The Bottom Line

The best way for consumers to find out how CBD oil feels is to try it for themselves. Place an order online today.


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