10 Pictures Every Girl Having Long Hair Can Relate To!

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We love to have long hair that are thick and shiny. Every girl wants to have long hair because they look beautiful but what they don’t know is that there are so many problems that a girl with long hair faces.
Not everyone can relate to and understand these problems!

the artist and illustrator CASSANDRA CALIN has made perfect illustrations that describe the everyday problems faced by girls with long hair!

1. What the hairbrush looks like!


2. When trying to comb hair!

Comics (1)

3. When there is hair in food!


4. When there is a random spider!

Comics (2)

5. While washing hair in shower

Comics (3)

6. Trying to comb hair with hand

Comics (4)

7. Straightening hair!

Comics (5)

8. Long hair? Short hair?

Comics (6)

9. Hair stuck in backpack

Comics (7)

10. Hair hair everywhere!

Comics (8)

11. Making food for mom!

Comics (9)

12. Headphone getting lost between hair

Comics (10)

13. When sleeping

Comics (11)


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