What Does Your Blood Group Say About Your Health?

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There are four types of blood groups: A, B, AB and O and then there is Rh factor which is either positive or negative.
Recent studies have shown that there is a relationship between the blood type and certain diseases. Find out your health risks according to your blood type and take precautions required!

1. Blood type A

You are very fertile and prone to drinking habits. You have more risk of having stomach cancer than other blood types especially if you drink and smoke often. Being a female with this blood group you can even fall pregnant at older ages due to large ovarian reserve. You have a predisposition to alcoholism and Obsessive Compulsive disorder too.

2. Blood type B

You have a good metabolism and are more prone to ulcers. Other health risks that you might face are memory problems and senility and Alzheimer’s disease in older age. You can easily build muscles due to the fast metabolism of yours, a little exercise and you are there!

3. Blood type AB

Your heart is more at risk as you have v=chances of heart disease or heart attack. You can also face digestive problems, such as chronic gastritis, Crohn’s disease etc. Women with type AB are at a greater risk of suffering from a condition caused by high blood pressure – pre-eclampsia and occurrence of ovarian cancer.

4. Blood type O

You have a high risk of getting stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Your heart is very healthy so you have fewer chances of facing heart disease. Men with this blood group have a chance of being obese while women have poor quality eggs which makes them less likely to conceive naturally. But the good thing is that you are less prone to stress, you resist stress!


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