Blue Whale Challenge: ‘They Will Kill Me And My Family’

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On Thursday a 12-year-old boy called the state-operated 104 helplines: “They will kill me and family,”, he said. When the counselor asked him what happened he confessed of entering into the ‘blue whale challenge’.

There has been quite an increase in the number of suicides because of this sinister game and the children trapped in it are crying for help.

“Most of them are scared to get out because they are being threatened with death or harm to their family,” said Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar, founder of suicide prevention center Sneha.

Mostly it is the curiosity to enter into the ‘suicide game’ because of the hype that has been created about it.

the game entails an online administrator who gives 50 challenging tasks to the player and all are more self-destructive than the previous one.

The last one to commit suid=cide from them was a 13-year -old boy in Chennai.


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