7 Things a Bride to Be Can Relate to

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1. The Prettiest Me!


With every passing day, your anxiety only increases. It’s your D-Day, and the only thing on your mind is to look your best on the day.

2. Pimple = Disaster


The one thing you dread the most is getting a pimple. The only thought is nightmarish enough to scare the shit out of you.

3. Mission Shopping


The one thing about wedding preparations you love the most is shopping. Be it the wedding lehenga, matching heels or the maang tikka, you have to find the best of everything!

4. Fighting Skin Tan


But before going out for your mission shopping, you need to make sure you are armed properly. You just can’t afford to go out without a sunscreen on. Tanned skin is your second biggest nightmare after a face pimple.

5. The Bashful Side Of Me!


With wedding bells ringing loud in your ears day in and day out,the very thought of your wedding night gives you butterflies in the stomach

6. Cooking Lessons


With all the pressure on you to prove yourself an ‘adarsh bahu’, your mother’s incessant gyaan and cookery lessons help you to deal with it.

7. Balle Balle!


Watching your cousins preparing for the dance performances, your excitement builds even further. You just can’t wait for the day anymore!


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