You Probably Didn’t Know These Things To Do Before And After Yoga For *Better* Effects!

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On this yoga day get more knowledge about some things related to yoga that you probably did not know!
You might be doing yoga everyday but if you do not do the right things with it, the effects will not be that good or you might not get the desired results fast.

Why to let your patience and efforts go to waste! Eat the right things and get the best results from yoga!



1. Banana
The fruit is available all year round and is rich in potassium which makes it an idle pre-workout snack. It helps in preventing muscle cramps and bloating. You can always have it in smoothies or just like that.

2. Fruit Smoothies
They can be easily made at home and are delicious to have. You can use fruits like pineapple, apple, orange, melon, and kiwi etc. They provide nutrition and hydrate the body at the same time. Use fat free yogurt and avoid additional sugar.

3. Apples
They are rich in anti-oxidants and help counter acidity developing in the stomach. Being rich in vitamin C they boost energy in body and help in workout.

4. Yogurt
Take a low fat or zero fat yogurt with your smoothie or simply as a snack and it is the best pre workout snack you can have. They give you the energy you need for workout.

5. Almonds
They contain healthy fats and are rich in vitamin E. They give an energy boost for the yoga session you need! don’t have the salted ones but the organic ones, soak them and have them before workout.

6. Berries
Strawberries and blueberries are rich in antioxidants and their natural sugar content keeps you energised. Chew them before workout and you are good to go!

7. Oatmeal
This is the healthiest snack of all. It is rich in fibers and gives you energy. add up some yogurt and honey with the oatmeal and you have a tasty healthy snack ready.



1. Water
Hydrate your body after a work out session. It is the most important thing to do. While plain water is the best option, you can always opt for coconut water or add lemon to plain water for vitamin C.

2. Fruit Juice
Have a glass of deliciousness with fruit juice of your favourite fruit. Avoid artificial sugar in it and go for fresh squeezed juices instead of packaged ones.

3. Vegetable Soup
Give your body some nutrients after work out with a healthy homemade soup. You can use carrots, celery, spinach or cabbages for the same. They will have all the nutrients you need for energy.

4. Toast With Banana And Almond Butter
Take a whole grain toast and bake them slightly, then add some banana and almond butter on the top of it and a healthy and tasty snack is ready. It is rich in nutrients and will keep you full.

5. Green Tea
Green tea has as much as 200% extra antioxidants than apple. It enhances metabolism and having it with lemon and honey will give multi benefits!


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