Act Smart Girls, Keep All These In Your Bag Everytime You Step Out!

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When you’re a girl and have to go out for a hangout with friends or cousins, you gotta carry a bag with all the necessary stuff in there. However, the difficult task is what all to stuff in that small sling bag you carry. You’ve to leave behind so much because it all doesn’t fit in. Here is a list of stuff that’s the most important and you should carry only these. Have a look.

1. Wet tissues

Be it summer, monsoon, winter or spring, you always need wet tissues. They clean your face and give you a fresh look immediately.
wet tissues

2. A hair brush

Wherever you go, you always need a hairbrush. Hair can go anywhere at any time and you gotta handle that mess. So always carry a hairbrush.
hair brush

3. A sanitary napkin

For emergency purposes, always keep a sanitary tissue. Even if you don’t need it for yourself, you can always give it to a friend in need.
sanitary napkin

4. A bottle of perfume

Be it hot or cold, you need a perfume to feel fresh and smell good. That’s how you give a good impact wherever you go and whom so ever you meet.

5. Charger/Power bank

You don’t wanna go down without power or battery in your phone because emergency can happen anytime. So, always remember to carry your charger or power bank with you.
power bank

6. A moisturizer/sunscreen

This is the most important thing you need to carry with you. I’ll tell you what will happen if you won’t, your dry patches or your oily skin will be clearly visible to everyone and that’s what you don’t want. Right? Right!


So never ever forget these important things to carry along with you every time you step out of your home.
Stay happy 🙂


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