Stop Making These Shaving Mistakes For Smoother Legs

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Hair free smooth legs is what we all desire, but getting those needs the real effort. Waxing is said to be the most effective method of hair removal but we all have loved our dear razor at time of emergencies. We all have shaved to get rid of those hairy legs when we don’t have time to visit salons or when we are just too lazy for the waxing mess.

Shaving is pain free and pocket friendly compared to waxing. You can make razor your best friend by avoiding these mistakes.

1. You are using an old razor.

Old razors have dull blades which do not give a close shave. Also it has more bacteria. How to know the right time to get a new one? It is when it starts to feel like it’s tugging at your skin rather than gliding across it.
old razor

2. You are shaving before taking shower.

Wait till your body is drenched in water and follicles are softened. It makes the shave easier as before shower skin is dry and rough which can give razor burns.
before shower

3. You are dry shaving.

Dry shaving is a big no in any case. Make sure there is some lubrication else chances for irritation and razor burns are really high.
dry shaving

4. You are not exfoliating before shaving.

Removing dead skin through exfoliation is very important in order to get a close shave. Also by doing it you can avoid all those razor burns.

5. You are using a soap.

Soap is drying and shaving also dehydrates. In order to avoid dry skin after a shave use a nice shaving cream or some conditioner.

6. You force pressure while shaving.

Applying more pressure means applying more friction. This results in more irritation and harms your skin. Make the razor glide over skin instead of making it scrap it.

7. You are just in a hurry.

For a nice shave try to glide your razor slowly and cautiously. Doing it in a hurry will just give you sloppy results with itchy irritated skin.

8. You don’t rinse your blade between strokes.

As you shave build up of hair, shaving cream and even dead skin cells happen. This makes every other stroke worse than the earlier, so rinse your blade with every stroke.
between strokes

9. You skip moisturising at the end.

Shaving is a drying process and you need to replenish it by moisturising it after you are done. Do it while your legs are still damp from shower.

10. You share your razor.

Do not share your razor in any case. It is not advised to share personal hygiene things with anybody, not with your family nor friend. Nobody.


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