Sisters Gotta Do These Things Together!

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Well, ‘sisters before misters’ is something we all live by. We have grown up together, lived all the ups and highs of life and have been at each others’ side. Here are some things that you really gotta do with your sisters make the whole journey crazier.

1. A longgggg road trip, just the two of you

road trip
Explore, travel, have fun, and be each others’ partners in crime.

2. Get tattoos together

All you have is this life together. Make the most out of it.

3. Be at each others’ side during bad times

Boy problems, or any other problem. Please do not complain about each other to you parents, instead comfort each other with your presence. Trust me it will mean a lot to them.

4. Sometimes you can cover each other up

Your sisters wants to go meet her boyfriend, help her. You younger sisters wants to go for a girls night out. Convince your parents. Or maybe lie to them lol. Sometimes, just sometimes 😉

5. Get drunk, smoke some weed, dance like mads and collapse

Be crazy together and click lots of pictures.

6. Go for a couple massage

Get yourself pampered! TOGETHER! Yay!

7. Don’t lie to each other about your relationships

sister bond
Built that trust and don’t break it. Never ever!


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