‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ Made The 12-Year-Old Realise Her Father Was Raping Her For 7 years

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When her teacher at school taught her a lesson about good touch and bad touch, the 12-year-old realised that she was being raped by her father for 7 years!

The girl confided in her friend and her friend went to the school principal, however, the principal only counseled the friend but filed no report, said Pratibha Deepak Maheshwari, who runs an NGO and helped file a case against the girl’s father.

The Hindustan Times Reports that a case under section 4 of the Pocso Act, 376 and 506 of the IPC has been registered against the accused.

The father works as an electrician at a mobile tower and the family is from Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh. The case is a proof that most of the rapes are done by the relatives and the children are abused and keep quiet about it because of lack of education.

Maheshwari made efforts to speak to the Child Welfare Committee in Haryana and approached the Childline in Jaipur and a Zero FIR was filed against the accused and later the case was transferred to Gurgaon.

“I was shocked to know that a man had been raping his daughter since she was five-years-old. This is a heinous crime and can’t be brushed under the carpet. Action must be taken against the accused,”

she said.

The abused told that her father would abuse her and beat her if she resisted and he repeatedly raped her. It came to be known that the mother knew what was happening but remained silent. The elder sister was also raped but avoided father. Father would rape the younger ‘daughter’ whenever they were alone at home.

“The information about the incident came to us through an email after which a case of rape was registered against the accused. The minor girl is being counseled by officials,”

said Inspector Shamsudin, SHO, Bajghera police station.


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