Signs Which Show That Your Relationship Is Still Worth Saving

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You would have had that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realised that your relationship is going downhill. Many times this feeling is quite right while sometimes, it may be a false thing. The latter would happen when you and your partner are meant to be and you are just going through a rough patch. When this is the case, there are a few obvious signs that tell you that your relationship is worth saving.

Looking at the positive side you can always address the problem as a minor bump in the road because these signs show that you are meant to be and if you compare your present relationship with your past ones, you will find that things were quite different there!

Lack of trust and honesty are the main reasons that cause this and then there is simply no energy or life left in the relationship but even if you can see a single sign of hope, hold on to it and save your relationship because these things are precious and they do not come easily!

So let’s find out what are those signs that will tell us that the relationship is worth saving.

1. Things still matter

If you see your partner walking out the door knowing that this is the last time you might see them and you feel relieved then this relationship is done. But if you still long for the moments you had shared together then maybe the relationship is worth saving! Having feelings even after a big glitch is a sure sign that there is commitment and hope to save the relationship.

2. A lot is at stake

Staying in a relationship for unhealthy reasons is toxic. But if you have a lot at stake like you have kids and pets and properties, etc then it becomes quite difficult for both the partners and the kids and pets too and dividing the property is obviously a big hassle. The more is invested in the relationship, the more difficult it becomes to part ways. Maybe just for the sake of stake, you can try to save the relationship!

3. Both are ready to make efforts

If you both are ready to put in efforts for your relationship then you should definitely give it a go. Being ready for new behaviours or going to therapy or adopting new ideas is something both must be open to. This would show that none of you actually want it to be over and are ready to work hard for better future together.

4. Anger was the cause of breakup

When you are in the heat of the moment, you tend to say whatever comes to your mind and do not heed your words before saying. At those times, you tend to say things that you actually do not mean and then regret later. So if the word breakup was used in the heat of the moment then it is better to address the issue once the things cool off.

5. You do not have a full blown argument

When going through the bumpy road in your relationship, you are bound to have many arguments and if during those arguments, you do not say the truly nasty things because you know they might hurt the other person and you still see your future together, then things can be salvaged very well.

6. Communication is abundant

As soon as the communication ends, your relationship is bound to end too. Till the time, you both have a healthy flow of communication and you still share your daily occurrences and things, then there is quite a hope of saving your relationship.

7. You are ready to judge yourself first

It is very easy to blame your partner for anything and everything that is wrong but it is difficult to contemplate and look into your own doings to find out where you went wrong. And if you are willing to find your own faults and make amends for them, then your relationship is definitely worth saving because you are ready to weigh your own actions there.


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