14 Things You Will Relate To If You Are Dating A Vegetarian

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Eating out together is what we mostly do while dating. It sounds like such an easy thing, but if one is a vegetarian and other is not, then it can be a problem. From deciding places to the food it can be a challenge. You will relate to the following things if you date a vegetarian.

1. They will never steal your yummy food.
steal food

2. There is no way you need to share your food.

share food

3. You can have aggressive fights over food choices.


4. They will never miss a chance in telling them how healthy veggies are.


5. And you can lead a healthy life by turning a vegetarian.


6. You have questioned the root of their vegetarianism several times.


7. Just in case they will change their mind.


8. Which just makes them angry and not a non-vegetarian.


9. And they will make you feel as if you just a cruel heartless person who relishes on animals.


10. Sometimes you question your food choices.

am i right

11. Then butter chicken helps in clearing the negativity.


12. You know it is love when they bring you your favourite food, even if its meat.


13. And you return the favour by not cribbing about their vegetarianism.

Love Rain Eating

14. Because, You love them more than you love meat.



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