8 Things You Will Relate To If You Have a Friend Who Talks a Lot

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We all have a friend who loves to talk, talk and talk. No matter how inappropriate the situation might be, your friend just can’t keep herself from speaking!
You’ll certainly relate to these things if you have one such friend.

1. Your ears are used to non-stop babbles.

blabber 2
Your chatterbox pal’s incessant blabbering is an earsore for you, but you have become used to it.

2. Your friend just can’t keep herself from speaking.

fight 2
You fight over something with your friend and as the custom is, you have to avoid speaking to your friend for sometime to show your anger. Now this is an herculean task for your friend. No matter how hard she tries, keeping quiet is not just not possible for her. So, even if the two of you are mad at each other, you don’t stop talking.

3. Your friend’s silence means something is seriously wrong.

If by some miracle, your friend has been able to maintain silence for more than ten minutes, you know there is something seriously wrong with her. She is either in some serious trouble or the sun probably rose from the west today.

4. You may crib about your friend’s blabbering all the time, but you’ve become a junkie to it

You have to admit that no matter how much you grumble about your friend’s prattling, you do love them for what they are. On meeting your friend after a long time, when you hear her talk non-stop and non-sense, that is sheer music to your ears.

5. Your group becomes the centre of all attraction in public places

public 2
All thanks to your bigmouth friend, wherever you go, all eyes and ears are set on you and your pals.

6. You wonder where your friend brings all the energy from?!

energy phone
When after a long tiring day, you return home and are looking for some peace, your friend calls you and narrates their day long activities to you. That leaves you wondering if god has fitted extra lasting batteries in your friend!

7. Main apni favorite hoon!

kareena kappor
This thought has certainly crossed your mind atleast once that probably your friend was the inspiration behind the character of ‘Geet’ in Jab We Met.

8. There’s no such thing as boredom in your life!

Well, all’s not bad about your windbag friend’s chattering. Your friend keeps you entertained all the time. There is no such thing as boredom in your life.


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