Change Your Hair Colour According To The Weather Outside!

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Fashion and beauty are an industry which keeps surprising us with new things every other day.

Just when we think that we have truly seen it all, they come up with something new which we have probably not seen or heard of before.

After the brow wigs that we have yet not been able to fully accept, they have come up with hair dye that actually changes colour.
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Remeber the movie Badmaash Company where they accidentally make the shirts that change colour with every wash. Well, now your hair can change colour too.

A company named Theunseen has come up with a hair dye which changes colour according to the temperature of the surrounding.

It reacts to the heat and the cold and your hair changes colour. It can be from brown to fiery red, depending on the temperature.
Isn’t it an amazing way to bond with nature and express yourself!

Learn more in the video below:


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