Look Out For These Early Signs Of Breast Cancer. Don’t Wait Till It Happens To You!

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You have heard a lot about breast cancer, you get many advises, read many blog posts like this but you don’t actually pay heed to them till something like that happens to you!

Many oncologists believe that breast cancer in more than half of the women can be prevented if they conduct regular tests and pay attention to their bodies. &0% of the cases are curable, you just need to go for self-test just for 5 minutes a month. It is not too much of a time to invest! But if invested properly, it can save your life!

In association with ICAN(Indian Cancer Society), Avon wants to educate women and men (yes!) to take out few minutes every month to do a breast self-examination through the #PayAttention Campaign.

Here are the things that you need to look out for:

1. Your breasts turning bright red and hot

Do not mistake it for some kind of infection and take medications yourself, it might be the sign of inflammatory breast cancer. So get a proper checkup and avoid delayed diagnosis.

2. Texture of skin around breast changes

if there are few dumplings on the skin or it becomes puckered, get it checked because it might be the indication of the formation of cancer lumps. A tumour inside the breast can cause pulling on the surrounding skin.

3. Itchiness or rashes around nipples

It might be the sign of a rare kind of cancer Paget’s disease. The symptoms, an itchy red rash, can look similar to eczema, do not avoid going to doctor.

4. Blood or discharge from nipples

If you have some blood or other discharge from nipples, get it diagnosed as it might be the sign of cancer if it is accompanied by some lumps, then the action must be taken promptly.

5. An inverted nipple

Any change in nipple may indicate a lump formed behind it, including the inversion of nipples or them turning pulled in. Raise your arm and if the nipples are inverted, then it is a sure sign and needs an immediate diagnosis.

Early detection is the only thing that can save you, so pay attention and do not shy away from getting things diagnosed!


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