8 Types Of Friends That You Must Have In Your Group!

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The Photographer Buddy


This has to be the person who is always everyone’s favourite because he/she clicks their natural pictures and helps them get their new display picture!

The One Who Thinks He’s The Biggest Stud


He roams about the college telling everyone ‘tera kaam ho jayega’. He somehow manages to get out the minutest details of college events even before they are officially announced and when you ask him how he managed that, he gives you his trademark ‘The Rock Eyebrow’ and says, “Bhai tujhe pata ni hai tere bhayi ki pohoch kahaan tak hai”!!

The Teacher’s Favourite Nerdy Baby


He/She might not bunk lectures with you, they might not go around clubbing with you but these are the friends who are your saviors! They’d share their notes with you and help you pass the sinister semester, they’d put proxy for you when you are out watching the latest movie at the nearby theater, they’d even help you in the making of your power point presentations! We don’t know why they are so good but we just love them!

The Singer Who Adds Life In Every Moment


They walk around the college with a guitar wrapped around their shoulders. They are the life of the group because they have a song for every moment. So something amazing happens, they sing… Something disastrous happens, they sing…. And when they forget the ritual, you demand them to grace the occasion with their ever melodious voice!

The Over Enthusiast


He/She is the volcano of adrenaline! So they’re excited about anything and everything! Teacher absent? Yayyy!! Mass Bunk? Yayy!! Samosa Sasta? Yayyyyy!!! Ranbir Kapoor in college fest? YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! You literally have to ask them to calm down because you don’t know when their motor mouth becomes a jinx for you! :p

The Food Freak


He/She is the one who knows about every food joint! They’ve exploited their mobile apps to every possible extent and searched about places in every nook and corner of the campus. They know which food joint specializes in what, how long it’ll take to reach the place and they even calculate the shortest route to ensure you that they’ll get you back before the next lecture starts.

The One With ‘Ghar Ka Khana’


And well, no matter how much you enjoy hanging out with friends and exploring new food joints, there is a time when most of you are broke and your best resort is that one friend who brings ‘ghar ka khana’. So you can always share ‘paranthe’ with them and tell them how much you love them!

The God Of Double Meaning


Now these are the one’s who can run their minds wild at any given point. They’d keep cracking perverted jokes and would try to find out a double meaning even in the simplest thing you say! And you just have to accept that you can’t do anything to change that!


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