Totally Hot & Naughty Sex Games To Try With Your Partner

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Lets agree to it that after some time, even the sex life becomes boring. You need something or the other to Spice it up. You try many things, read many things in magazines too, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.
Well here is a list of naughty sex games that are surely going to work in your favour.
Well come on now! Don’t keep blushing, read on and unleash that curious, wild and dirty side of yours.

1. Mark The Spot

This game is just like ‘guess the number’. You decide a spot in mind and let your partner guess that spot by kissing all his guesses. Now here you can either be honest and tell him if he guessed it right or you can ‘play dirty’. *wink*

2. Pick A Card

Take your deck of cards and assign different meanings to all of them like hearts means kissing, diamond means sensual stimulation manually, spade means oral and club means massage. The number on the cards may represent the time for which the thing needs to be done. Like if you get a 6 of club, he has to give you a sensual rubdown for 6 minutes. If he gets 1 or the same, you have to return the favour for 1 minute!

3. Not So Fast

Lie on bed with the sexiest outfit you have or maybe in your birthday suit. Make your guy stand on the doorway. Ask him questions ranging from general to personal like your favourite color or your weak spots. For each right answer he gets to take a step closer and for a wrong, he needs to take a step back. See how well he knows you and keep teasing him in the way that effects him the most!

4. No Truth Only Dare

Play the game of truth or dare with only dare involved. You can give as many wild and sexy dares as you want like:
Talk dirty to me for 15 minutes.
Sext for one hour while at work.
Give a lap dance.

Make that dirty mind play and enjoy this game.


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